DisOrientation Week

DisOrientation, otherwise known as DisO, was started in the early 2000’s by OPIRG and a variety of independent student groups with the collective goal of creating a space where both new and returning students can be introduced to more political aspects of university life.

DisOrientation runs for a week in September, and consists of a series of workshops, discussions, tours and events that challenge participants to think critically about social and environmental justice issues.

Events in previous years included: Campus Farm to Table Tour, Cards Against the Patriarchy, Anti-War Activism Workshop, Challenging Privatization, Queer Writing as Resistance, Vegan BBQ, Gzaagigoo Anishinaabe Mnoomin (We Love You Mnoomin), and more!

Thank you to everyone who made Disorientation Week 2019 such a success!
Can’t wait to bring you Disorientation Week 2020!