DisOrientation Week

If you’d like to propose an event for DisOrientation week this year, which will be taking place September 14th to 18th, email us at opirgevents@gmail.com. DisOrientation week will look a little different this year because of Covid-19. We are looking for digital/remote events to keep the community engaged and safe. If you would like to collaborate but are unsure of how to create a remote event, please reach out still. It is an unprecedented time for all of us and we can figure it out together.

DisOrientation, otherwise known as DisO, was started in the early 2000’s by OPIRG and a variety of independent student groups with the collective goal of creating a space where both new and returning students can be introduced to more political aspects of university life.

It usually runs for a week in September, and consists of a series of workshops, discussions, tours and events that challenge participants to think critically about social and environmental justice issues.

Events in previous years included: Campus Farm to Table Tour, Cards Against the Patriarchy, Anti-War Activism Workshop, Challenging Privatization, Queer Writing as Resistance, Vegan BBQ, Gzaagigoo Anishinaabe Mnoomin (We Love You Mnoomin), and more!

Last year, we hosted a Student Choice Initiative Panel Discussion.
For the audio recording click HERE.