DisOrientation Week Sept 10-16th 2018

While you may be getting ready for Orientation week, Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Peterborough is gearing up to bring you Disorientation week 2018!

What is disorientation week you ask?

Well, it is a week of workshops, discussions, tours, and events that engage new and returning students, as well as the Nogojiwanong (Peterborough) community, that challenge you to think differently and focus on social and environmental justice issues. OPIRG Peterborough, which is a non-profit organization with a mission to create sustainable student and community-based engagement through research, education, and action on social and environmental justice, organizes disorientation week in collaboration with many groups and organizations in the area.

A bit thank you to the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) and Trent University for sponsoring this week of programming!

Below was our schedule for fall 2018. Have feedback on our week of programming? Please email opirglistings@gmail.com.

Monday Sept 10th:

Radio on the Lawn – 1-4 pm @ 715 George St North
Trent Radio will be hosting an information drop-in session as well as broadcasting live from the Front Lawn.

Localizing the Economy Panel Discussion – 7-9 pm @ Sadleir House Hobbs Library
Discussing how to support a local economy through sustainable and responsible consumerism, decentralization of currency (e.g. the Kawartha Loon), buying locally, etc. – Placed at the beginning of the week in order to hopefully evoke the mindset of responsible consumerism throughout the week’s remainder.

Tuesday Sept 11th:

Campus Farm to Table Tour 11-1 pm @ Seasoned Spoon
The Trent Vegetable Gardens and the Seasoned Spoon  partner together to create an accessible and sustainable local food system right here on campus! Tour the café space, off the grid root cellar, rooftop garden, field garden and community gardens. We’ll discuss the work these organizations are doing to build an alternative food system at Trent and all the ways you can get involved including experiential learning, research projects, workshops, volunteering, community meals and more. Find out how you can join the food movement at Trent. Expect some delicious food samples and hands-on garden activities as part of this tour!

Feminist Book Club Kickoff 1:30-4 pm @ Trent University SC 203
There will be food and a discussion about what book club is, a couple of group activities and getting together book suggestions for the Fall.

Workers Rights Workshop 4-5:30 pm @ Champlain College Room G4
Overview of workers rights as an introduction for students and community members and will be facilitated by the Peterborough Community Legal Centre.

Music in the Workers Solidarity Movement 530-7 pm @ Champlain College Room CCW A1
How you can combine and strengthen workers solidarity through the art of music, probably with a large amount of it played, intertwined with history of the labour movement and how it was affiliated with song.

Spoken Word for Introverts Workshop 8-9:30 pm @ Sadleir House Hobbs Library
“I know it sounds implausible but people do come to this workshop! The activities are designed to encourage participants to open up at their own pace and no one has to read aloud. I strive to create an inclusive environment and use a trauma-informed approach. As an ambi-vert, I appreciate peoples’ apprehensions around public speaking and performance while sharing tools to help participants overcome those stresses.
Don’t be fooled if no one says they’ll be attending on fb. As introverts we don’t often divulge our activities…but as I said, people do attend. For those interested in slam, this is a good way to prep for Peterborough Poetry Slam events coming up later in the month.” Workshop led by Peterborough Poetry Slam.

Wednesday Sept 12th:

Clubs and Groups Day 10-4 pm @ Bata Podium
Want to get involved with a club or levy group? Come out to Clubs & Groups Day on Bata Podium

Minimalist Living Workshop 7-9 pm @ The Whistle Stop Café
A crash course in what minimalist living is, how it works, why it might be beneficial, etc. that will challenge the normal, materialist views we’ve come to adopt on making and running one’s home.

TFS Presents “Dazed and Confused” 8:30pm-11pm @ Sadlier House Lecture Hall
For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/339602050110683/

Thursday Sept 13th:

Conflict Resolution Workshop 1-3 pm @ Otonabee College room 206
An introduction to conflict resolution and non-violent communication strategies, made easily understandable with a clever Wizard of Oz analogy led by the Marion Little with the John Howard Society

Peterborough Poverty Walk 3-5pm @ Peterborough Social Services
Starts and ends at Peterborough Social Planning office, but is a mobile walk through downtown. Led by Dan Hennessey. To reserve a spot email opirglistings@gmail.com.

Whose University Is It? Documentary Screening 5-7pm @ Catharine Parr Traill College @ The Trend at Traill
Join Traill College Cabinet at The Trend for a showing of the documentary “Whose University Is It?” by filmmakers and Trent alumni James Motluk and Mark Wright. Learn about a piece of Trent and Traill history + the corporatization of higher education. Discussion to follow film. ** FREE SNACKS, FREE EVENT! ** 5-7pm, Thursday, September 13th at The Trend. Part of OPIRG’s DisOrientation Week 2018. (For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/530840164021053/)

Cards Against the Patriarchy 7-11 @ Sadleir House Theatre
Back by popular demand! The Trent Centre for Women and Trans People is teaming up with OPIRG for Dis-O week to bring you another game of Cards Against The Patriarchy! If you missed our last event, make sure to mark this in your calendars! Cards Against the Patriarchy is a feminist/social justice spin on Cards Against Humanity, with cards custom written by the steering collective of the Centre for Women and Trans People. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow Trent feminists while enjoying a beverage from the Sadleir House bar!Event is FREE Alcohol will be available for those with IDUnfortunately, Sadleir House is not an accessible space.All are welcome to attend!Zero tolerance of racism, homophobia, sexism or transphobia at Centre events.

Friday September 14th:

Volleyball (social with TUNA) 1-3:30 pm @ Trent University Volleyball Court
Join the Trent University Native Association for our first event of the school year! Come play some beach volleyball with us at the volleyball court near blackburn, have some snacks and enjoy the day!

A Taste of Nourish 2-4pm @ Peterborough Public Health
How can we make Peterborough a Good Food City? Join Nourish for a conversation during OPIRG Peterborough‘s Dis-Orientation Week. We want to know everything from your favourite food to what you think a nourishing community looks like. Help us imagine an equitable city without poverty, while learning about the Peterborough food charter, our high rate of local food insecurity, and Nourish’s many food programs. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the table!​

SadFest II 4 pm -12 am @ Sadleir House
SAD FEST is back for a second round! Let’s welcome September with fun times at Sadleir House! This year, we are celebrating one day of music as a part of OPIRG Peterborough’s DisOrientation Week and Peterborough Pride. Get ready to celebrate with some incredible performances. Music, art and an open house will all feature at this event.
$13 for a wristband for the full day of performances!
Performances by: 
* Parts of Sadleir House are unfortunately not fully accessible
* This event is all ages.
* Alcohol will be for sale.
* Earplugs will be provided by donation

Saturday Sept 15th:

Vegan BBQ & Free Market Giveaway 1-4 pm @Sadleir House Lawn
Vegan barbecue food provided by Food Not Bombs and Free Market Giveaway.

Anti-War Activism Workshop 4-6 pm @Sadleir House Lecture Hall
Event exploring the motivations behind, and processes/tactics of anti-war activism with Peterborough Peace Council.

Poetry Slam & Open Mic 8-11 pm @Sadleir House Theatre
Spoken word poetry open mic night + tournament rounds.



Sunday Sept 16th:

A Series of Workshops 2:30 – 6:30pm @ Peterborough Rugby Clubhouse
 Failure of the Charity Model (discussion)
by Kathryn Langely (Council of Canadians) 
A lecture presentation on how the reliance of our social and institutional care’s reliance on charity and NGOs/community members has lead to the woefully  inadequate coverage of services and necessary political actions. A discussion on how we can make social assistance adequate, functional, and dignified for those who need and access it. Second half will be a discussion of how the community can work together to lobby on behalf of improved/increased social services.

     Green Industry and Climate Change (discussion) by Stop Climate Change Coalition
Will include an overview history presentation on how the fossil fuel industry and profit motives have stifled the development of a green, sustainable energy economy. Will subsequently discuss what current examples of this look like, and what we can do about it. Will highlight new and innovative specific examples of how we can take community action on pushing the government

     Responsible Buisness by Widows of Asbestos
Will give an overview on the history of the GE workers’ compensation project that has been ongoing in Peterborough since 2003, as an example of why we need fair working standards and safe labour practices. Will be followed up with a presentation on how the fight for workers compensation and safe workplaces has affected members of the community so far, and will include a discussion on how this can be improved, and how justice can be brought about by those impacted through the industry’s negative actions. Will include discussion with, and input from, the Widows of Asbestos members who are currently dealing with the ongoing issue.