Make Trent Safe Campaign

Make Trent Safe is a campaign that works with a coalition of students to demand to the administration to make the campus a more accountable, safer place for students to learn and live in.

It recognizes the marginalization of students and the identities that intersect, noting that free speech is recognized but that there is a difference between free speech and hate speech.

This was spurred by a Peaceful Protest on November 16, 2017 and a series of Community Conversations Against Discrimination. These meetings continue until we Make Trent Safe.


May 2017 Campaign:

The Make Trent Safe Campaign Committee has been busy! Here are a few highlights of the work that has been going on:
1. We hosted a Community Gathering at Sadleir House on April 22. To listen to a recording of the gathering, please click on this link:
2. We presented the Letter from Student Members of Community Against Discrimination to the Senate of Trent University. Senate has acknowledged the letter and accepted to support it.
3. The Trent Central Student Association created a Committee Against Discrimination – two meetings have been held.
4. We met with Jacqueline Muldoon, Provost and Vice President Academic of Trent University.