Dis-Orientation Week

Join OPIRG Peterborough and other local community organizations and facilitators for a week of fun, workshops, speakers, films, tours, socials, learning, agitation, and… DisOrientation!

What Is Dis-Orientation Week?

Dis-­Orientation Week (Dis-­O Week) is a week of various events and activities oriented around social justice, environmental justice and anti-oppression put on by Trent groups and members of the community. Dis-­O Week is an integral part of keeping the embers of activist culture burning at Trent.  Through this week, a new group of students and community members are invited to participate in and join the future of social justice, environmental justice and anti-oppression at Trent and in the community.

Dis-Orientation Week was sparked by the administration’s attempt to close Trent’s downtown, more progressive colleges and centralize the university in 1999.  From this attempted shift towards a more neo-liberalized school, Dis-Orientation Week was born as a form of resistance for activists in the community and has continued on until today.

As part of an overall effort to keep the embers of activist culture burning at Trent, we strongly encourage and favour Dis-O event applications that are geared towards community building.  Examples of community-building events include launches of clubs and groups that meet regularly, events that facilitate prolonged social interaction (such as a protest march or an overnight retreat), events that teach people how to build community or better relate to each other or events that get people interacting to each other.  The goal with this caveat is to aid students in forming culture-changing relationships with each other and their event leaders to build momentum and sustainability within the activist culture at Trent.

Dis-O Week 2021 (Sept. 13th- Sept. 18th)

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Dis-O week 2021!

Check out some of the highlights from the events we ran this year!

Dis-O Week 2021 Schedule

Dis-O Week in the past

Dis-orientation week occurs annually with OPIRG Peterborough and we have had many different events and groups involved! Check out what past dis-o weeks have looked like.

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