End Immigration Detention Network Peterborough

End Immigration Detention Network Peterborough (EIDN) is a campaign aimed to put to an end the detention of migrants in Canada. This year EIDN, in solidarity with migrant detainees and their families, has kept busy. It kicked off in 2016 with an exhibit showcasing art and poems by detainees, held rallies and demos, dropped banners across the country, called on our MP Maryam Monsef, to use her position to rally for the end of indefinite detention, and petitioned Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, to end the practice of holding migrant detainees in Canadian prisons without charge.


Migrant detainees went on three hunger strikes in 2016 in protest at the Central East Correctional Centre (CECC) demanding a 90 day holding limit on migrant detainees, and a meeting with Minister Ralph Goodale, who refused. EIDN organized around multiple hunger strikes that took place at CECC in April, July and October 2016 followed with a campaign calling for an end to deaths in custody, and a rally in Peterborough in front of MP Maryam Monsef’s Office in solidarity with striking detainees. During the summer strike 65 health professionals released a letter supporting the demands of hunger striking detainees. EIDN would like to remember Melkioro Gahungu and Francisco Javier Romero Astorga who died in custody in 2016. Vigils were held for both men across the country. Meanwhile, another unidentified 24 year old, died in a detention facility in Alberta in 2016. A noise demo was held in early August to thank and honour detainees, and a press conference was held regarding the case of Alvin Brown, a man detained since 2011 and EIDN is following closely his case. In September EIDN again placed pressure on Maryam Monsef to take a stand on the detentions. In October EIDN organized a day of action and banners were dropped in six cities across the country declaring “Indefinite Resistance to Indefinite Detention”.

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