1329520216_dsc_0133The Fair Trade Trent working group has started up again this year and has been extremely active on campus and in the community. The group works to provide education and awareness around the issue of Fair Trade and to initiate fair trade policies and practices on the Trent campus.

We began the year with a Scare Them Fair campaign for Halloween encouraging students and community members to hand out fair trade chocolate to trick or treaters. The group had a table at the Ten Thousand Villages Sale at Gzowski College in November promoting fair trade holiday gifts and wrapping. We also led a very successful talk on Fair Trade Issues for OPIRG’s annual Peace Week in January. We handed out fair trade chocolate and hot chocolate for their My Fair Valentine campaign in February. Most recently we held an educational presentation for Holy Cross High school students as part of a general Fair Trade awareness campaign.

For two years now, this group has been working towards making Trent University recognized as a Fair Trade Campus through Transfair Canada. We have been compiling information on other universities engaged in fair trade initiatives and holding meetings with administration dealing with food issues. Using this information we have created an extensive application detailing the requirements that Trent is meeting and have sent it into Transfair. We hope that Trent will be recognized as a Fair Trade Campus in the near future and that this will encourage the continuation of policy aimed at creating a fair and sustainable food system on campus.

The Fair Trade working group is excited to continue hosting events on campus and in the community and welcomes any new members that are interested in learning about Fair Trade issues.

** To know more about Fair Trade Trent or become involved:

Please email us at opirgvolunteer@gmail.com