Volunteer with OPIRG Peterborough

Do you have a passion for social and environmental justice? Do you want to be a part of an anti-oppressive and inclusive space?

As a non-profit, grassroots organization, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to help us with programming and spreading the mission of OPIRG. Our volunteer positions are suited for undergraduates and can be made flexible to accommodate busy and changing schedules. We usually ask that volunteers commit one or two hours per week but are grateful for any time you can commit to!

No prior skills or experience is required to volunteer with OPIRG Peterborough!

Why Volunteer with OPIRG Peterborough?

  • Learn about and support Consensus Based Decision-Making and Anti-Oppression;
  • Build your skills in communication, team work, research, community organizing, and more;
  • Network and meet like minded individuals;
  • When you volunteer with us, you get a free OPIRG t-shirt!

Ways to Volunteer with OPIRG Peterborough

  • Support our Green Dishes program – Take inventory, organize, and manage incoming requests for our reusable dish program.
  • Outreach and Special Events – Support OPIRG in the planning and promoting our social and environmental justice initiatives and representing OPIRG at in-person and virtual events and activities.
  • Graphic Design – do you have any creative skills in design? We are looking for individuals to support the development of content creation and storytelling through social media, video creation, website editing, and more!

The following positions are available for 2023:

Free Market Transportation Wizard:
Number of positions available: 2
Hours per week: 2/week
Position description:
Across the Trent University campus OPIRG has drop-off locations for our Free Market, which is our totally free thrift store. Students will drop off used household and clothing items in these bins, which are then made available at various community spaces. Assistance is needed emptying the Free Market bins and transporting the contents to the Free Market.

The Free Market Transportation Wizard will check the contents of the bins and empty them on a bi-weekly basis.
Special requirements: Must have access to a vehicle.

Free Market Connoisseur:
Number of positions available: 3
Hours per week: 2/week
Position description:
The Free Market is our totally free thrift store. Help bring things from the free market bins in to Sadleir House and sort through which items fit the ‘store’!
Special requirements: N/A
Records for the Revolution

Outreach Team Member:
Number of positions available: 6
Hours per week: about 2/week
Position description:
As part of the outreach team, you can pick your passion:

  1. Postering (2 positions): OPIRG and their related working groups put on many
    events related to social justice and awareness that need to be promoted in order
    the increase community involvement. The Poster Hoister would be in charge of
    receiving posters from the OPIRG office or from various clubs and groups,
    distributing the posters downtown and on campus, and removing the posters
    after the event has occurred.
    Special requirements: Access to a vehicle or mode of transportation (i.e: bus
    pass) ideal but not necessary.
    Perk: get to know all the cool places and other events happening around town
  2. Table at events (3 positions) – give information about the organization (don’t
    worry, we’ll get you up to speed), recruit volunteers, recruit people to sign up for
    the mailing list
    Special requirements: N/A
    Perk: With the help of OPIRG staff, recruit cool people to the organization, talk to
    others and let your enthusiasm for OPIRG shine
  3. Arts and Crafts (2 positions) – love to screenprint, make buttons, paint or
    draw? We have banners you can help create and materials that for our
    programming and events.
    Special requirements: Interest in crafting.
    Perk: Meet like-minded people who are also interested in art as activism!
  4. Poster Creator Expert – Graphic Designer (1 position) – use your digital
    artistic skills to make attractive and informative posters for our events.
    Special requirements: If you are interested in posters, you should ideally be
    familiar with using Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Photoshop/InDesign to make
    Perk: Add posters you’ve made to your own portfolio, learn about
    communications processes for an organization

We’re looking for volunteers to help with the Free Market Giveaway 2023!! (January 21st 2023 @ Emmanuel United Church (George Street))

– Thank you to everyone that signed up! – Sign up now closed! See you for our next Giveaway!!

Tasks include:

  • Putting up posters around downtown Nogojiwanong (Peterborough)
  • Putting up posters around Trent Universit
  • Checking Free Market Bins at Trent
  • Helping transport clothes/items from Sadleir House to Emmanuel United Church (George Street)
  • Hosting the FreeMarket Giveaway!

We’re looking for volunteers to help with DisOrientation Week 2022

– Thank you to everyone that signed up! – Sign up now closed! See you next year!

Tasks include:

  • Putting up posters around downtown Nogojiwanong (Peterborough)
  • Putting up posters around Trent University
  • Chalking around Trent Campus
  • Handing out flyers on the Trent Campus
  • Checking Free Market Bins at Trent
  • Helping transport clothes/items from One City to Sadleir House
  • Free Market and Vegan BBQ Support
OPIRG Peterborough