BLM Nogojiwanong

BLM Nogojiwanong was re-formed in the Summer of 2020 and became a working group with OPIRG Peterborough in December of 2020. Since becoming a Working Group, they hosted the hugely successful Black History Month Blowout Event on February 27th as well as launched an ArtsZine! You can order a copy through the link in the link in their Instagram bio.

The group is currently undergoing strategic visioning to determine their future direction, but you can follow their Instagram account and Facebook page to keep up to date with their events and projects.

BLM Nogojiwanong: Black Lives Matter icon

We imagine a world where Black, Indigenous, and people of colour’s (BIPOC) lives are collectively liberated from the systems of white supremacy and colonialism, including policing and prisons.

We exist to dismantle anti-Black racism and state violence through public education, advocacy, and direct action. We seek to build safe spaces and grow sustainable communities that uplift BIPOC and celebrate Black joy. We work to develop alternatives to policing by prioritizing care and accountability within our organization and our community at large.

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