Green Dishes – Dish Lending Program

1308769994_green dishes poster-1The majority of waste produced at festivals and community events comes from disposable food and beverage containers.  Green Dishes is a waste-reduction project designed to eliminate the need for disposable dishes at community events in Peterborough.  Green Dishes is a non-profit dish-lending program that enables organizations to borrow large quantities of reusable dishes for community events.  Organizations sign out dishes from OPIRG and return them cleaned and washed.

Green Dishes is a creative and unique initiative that reduces the quantity of waste generated at Peterborough community and campus events.  A small fee and deposit* are required for borrowing.

The fee for borrowing dishes with Green Dishes will depend on the number of dishes you require.  We have about 300 plates in various sizes, over 250 sets of cutlery, around 80 bowls and 250 mugs/ cups that we lend out.

We appreciate all the commitment of those in the community to reducing event-generated waste in Peterborough, and are happy to help out for future events!

For more information, or to request dishes for an event, please call or email OPIRG(705) 741-1208 or

*Deposits are returned to borrowers provided the all the dishes borrowed are returned entact and clean.

OPIRG Green Dishes Policy and Sharing Agreement

How does it work?   OPIRG charges a small fee and deposit for lending out our reusable dishes. Organizations sign out dishes for events and return them to OPIRG cleaned and washed. Before using the Green Dishes, you are asked to read and abide by the following protocol to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of this lending service.

OPIRG’s Responsibilities

l  To provide reusable dishes for your event.

l  To return your deposit upon return of dishes, provided they come back to us clean and dried1308769968_katie making green dishes sign

What isn’t OPIRG’s responsibility

l  OPIRG does not clean or wash the dishes ourselves.

l  OPIRG cannot accept liability for the level of cleanliness of the dishes.

l  OPIRG strongly suggests you pre-wash all dishes before using them.

Borrower’s Responsibilities

l  To arrive at OPIRG with sufficient time to help move the dishes you will be borrowing. We recommend leaving yourself at least 30 minutes for pick up.

l  To clean and dry the dishes prior to returning them to OPIRG. We may ask your group for reimbursement if the dishes are returned without being washed and dried sufficiently.

l  To return dishes on time and allow ample time to help put dishes away when bringing them back.

Fee for Green Dishes

The fee for renting Green Dishes will depend on the number of dishes you require.  The standard fees are:

Fees for Individual Items:

Assorted Mugs =$0.10

Matching Glass Drinking Glasses = $0.15

Matching Ceramic Plates (Lg)  = $0.25

Matching Ceramic Plates (Dessert)  = $0.15

Matching Ceramic Plates (Appetizer)  = $0.15

Assorted Ceramic/Glass  Bowls = $0.10

Assorted Forks  = $0.05

Assorted Knives= $0.05

Assorted Spoons = $0.05

Deposit for Green Dishes

The deposit for Green Dishes is equal to the fee amount.  The deposit will be available once dishes are returned, accounted for and noticeably clean and dry.

Lost or Damaged Dishes:

If items are damaged or not returned, the full cost price for replacing the item in question will be redeemed from the deposit fee. If the deposit fee isn’t enough to replace the missing items, borrower will have to pay any additional replacement costs.

Late Return or Unwashed Dishes Fee:

We ask you to return the Green Dishes on time, and thoroughly washed and dried, in order to be respectful of other people who have reserved their use. Dishes that are not washed and/or returned by the agreed date and time are subject to additional charges.


We appreciate your commitment to reducing event-generated waste in Peterborough!