With the understanding that we are all treaty people, the Nogojiwanong Aspiring Allies Action Group (NAAAG) aims to raise awareness amongst settler communities about the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Nogojiwanong region and how settlers can help ensure those rights are upheld; and to ally with Indigenous groups to raise awareness of Indigenous rights and the importance of traditional activities and teachings.


During fall 2016, we organized three meetings: September 19, October 4 and November 16. In September, Dr. Lynne Davis spoke to us about some different perspectives on “allyship” and suggested how to begin to meaningfully engage with Indigenous movements (such as continually educating yourself, reading about decolonization, attending events led by Indigenous groups in order to continue learning and building relationships…). In October 2016/17, we were happy to welcome new members, following Ryan McMahon’s “Reconciliation 101 for Settlers” workshop on October 14th during the “Beats and Braids” festival. On November 27th, we hosted a film screening and discussion; the film was “Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change.” A total of 17 people attended, including NAAAG members, and $100 dollars were raised to donate to the Chippewa of the Thames First Nation and their Supreme Court appeal of the expansion of Enbridge’s Line 9. We continue to try to reach out to local Indigenous people and groups, as well as recruit new members (anyone is welcome to attend a meeting or help out with events!). As a fairly new group, and one that is committed to learning, NAAAG continues to have conversations about what the group’s key intentions and visions are (and your reflections as a new member are welcome).

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