Art is Activism

Artist Amplification Fridays

We are seeking eight artists who use art as a form of activism. Each week we will feature a different artist local to the Nogojiwanong area, prioritizing BIPOC.

Participants’ work will be highlighted on OPIRG Peterborough’s website and various social media platforms and will receive a small honorarium for their contributions.

One of the many ways activism is expressed is through art. All forms of art can tell a story or make a statement. Through the Art is Activism: Artist Amplification Fridays Project, we are working to amplify and create a platform for artists who use their art to address important issues. These issues may surround social justice issues, environmental justice issues, and anti-oppression.

This project will include art that will be featured each Friday, for eight weeks, on OPIRG’s various social media platforms. Submitted art can be in the forms of photography, digital and visual arts, and poetry. The art forms will be accepted by digital submission of up to five pieces per person. We ask that the quality be 300ppi.

Along with the submissions, we will ask for a short biography on the artist (200 words max.) and their answer to the questions:

  • What influenced you to use art as a form of activism?
  • How do you promote activism through your work?
    (both answered within 250 words). Artists who participate will receive a small honorarium for their contribution and efforts to educate the community and spread awareness for important issues.

The submissions are open to local artists in the Nogojiwanong Peterborough area and BIPOC artists will be prioritized. We will be accepting eight different artists for the project.

Submissions are now closed

Featured Artists

Ethel Nalule

Cassandra Lee

Sioux Lily Dickson

Said (Sahira Q) Jiddawy

Jonathan Semugaza

Laurin Isiekwena

Sarah Lewis

Nuin-Tara Wilson

OPIRG Peterborough