Green Dishes

Green Dishes is a waste-reduction project designed to eliminate the need for disposable dishes at community and campus events in Peterborough. Essentially, it is a dish-lending program with a small fee that enables people and organizations to borrow reusable dishes for community events.

Before using the Green Dishes, you are asked to read and abide by the following Terms & Conditions to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of this lending service.

OPIRG Peterborough’s Responsibilities:

  • To provide reusable dishes for your event.

Borrower’s Responsibilities:

  • To arrive at OPIRG Peterborough with sufficient time to help move the dishes you will be borrowing. We recommend leaving yourself at least 15 minutes for pick up.
  • To clean and dry the dishes prior to returning them to OPIRG Peterborough.
  • To return dishes on time with ample time to help put dishes away when bringing them back.

Please note:

  • OPIRG Peterborough does not clean the dishes as it is the responsibility of borrowers and therefore cannot accept liability for the level of cleanliness of the dishes.
  • The fee for renting Green Dishes will depend on the number of dishes you require. Discounts may be available to non-profit organizations who request a discount.

OPIRG Peterborough