An Indigenous Abolitionist Study Group

Prisons are a colonial imposition on Indigenous lands and continue to perpetuate settler-colonial warfare against Indigenous peoples. An Indigenous Abolitionist Study Guide is compromised of the work of Indigenous scholars and organizers to address the need for an explicitly Indigenous, anti-colonial abolitionist analysis of the penal system. The guide emphasizes the necessity of defunding the punitive, carceral structures characteristic of settler-colonial society, and turning, instead, to Indigenous Knowledges as a guide to how to create and sustain good relations with each other.

Join us each week as we explore the necessity for defunding and dismantling carceral systems through an Indigenous knowledge lens.

For 7 weeks, participants will explore materials (books, songs, articles, films, videos, etc.) to review and reflect on, provided by:…/.

We will then meet at Sadleir House as a group to discuss, reflect, and take action!

The schedule of sessions will go as follows:

June 20th- Week 1: Laws of the Land

June 27th- Week 2: The Imposition of Settler Law

July 4th- Week 3: The Police

July 11th- Week 4: Colonial Incarceration

July 18th- Week 5: Abolishing Social Work/ Restoring Relations of Care

July 25th- Week 6: Feminist, Two-Spirit, and Trans-Justice 

August 8th- Week 7: The Presence and Future of Justice

*Everyone who is joining needs to attend the extended first session which will run from 6 pm – 8pm. Dinner will be provided!

Location: Sadleir House Lawn, we will meet indoors if it is raining!

**The study sessions will take place in person. Although they are intended to be outdoors, we will move inside if it is raining. We ask that you please wear a mask that covers your nose and chin and social distance from others during the sessions. Please ensure you have proof of vaccination.

All are welcome!

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OPIRG Peterborough