Free Market Giveaway: January 21st, 2023

Do you like free things, reducing waste, and sharing with your community?! Join us on Saturday, January 21st at our upcoming Free Market giveaway! The Free Market is a program that has been running for over 15 years, it allows for members of the Peterborough community and students to have access to basic necessities, such … Read more

An Indigenous Abolitionist Study Group

Prisons are a colonial imposition on Indigenous lands and continue to perpetuate settler-colonial warfare against Indigenous peoples. An Indigenous Abolitionist Study Guide is compromised of the work of Indigenous scholars and organizers to address the need for an explicitly Indigenous, anti-colonial abolitionist analysis of the penal system. The guide emphasizes the necessity of defunding the … Read more

Land and Life: Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Justice

Indigenous knowledges are crucial to ensuring life will be sustained and continued. We must acknowledge the significance of Indigenous knowledge, voices, traditions, and sciences to environmental justice. Justice for Indigenous peoples and environmental justice are interconnected and one cannot occur without the other. Through this series, we hope to highlight how environmental justice through localized … Read more

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