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Sioux Lily Dickson

Sioux Lily Dickson - Majestic

Majestic- Sioux Lily DicksonImage description: An overwrought yellow peaks from behind the dumpster green in this abstract photograph. There are four dominant shapes. From left to right is a sparse rusty vertical swath, a very dark green block that has been smeared with pale highlights. A shock of an angry vertical rusty gash sits next … Read more

Cassandra Lee, Multimedia Artist

Love & Resistance by Cassandra Lee

Love and Resistance -Casandra LeeThe Raised Fist and the Three-Finger Salute have been used across the world to represent solidarity with oppressed peoples and to show resistance to the powers in place.  Casandra Lee is a mixed Chinese-American multimedia artist, based in Peterborough, Ontario. Born and raised in California, Casandra started art fairly late at the … Read more

Ethel Nalule, Photographer

Silence, by Ethel Nalule

silence, Ethel Nalule Ethel Nalule is a 23 year old Ugandan born Photographer. Her passion for photography began in 2005 when a flight attendant handed her a polaroid camera. Growing up the only gift on her Christmas Wishlist was always a camera until 2014 she bought her first camera and won her first photography award … Read more

Education and Homelessness: What Part Does Education Play?

Homeless person in an abandoned building with an open book

It’s no secret that we live in a wealthy, well educated country. Literacy rates in Canada are among the highest in the world, and completing high school and post-secondary education is considered a norm. This isn’t the case for homeless youth, however. Studies find that 63% to 90% of youth experiencing homelessness did not complete … Read more

What is it Like to be a “Hidden Homeless” Person?

Homeless person with hands out and a sign reading "once I was like you"

Content warning: mentions of abuse, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Homelessness is one of those things that has never occurred to me that I’d experience in my life. It was one of those situations that one would look at and say “that will never be me.” Because after all, how would it even be possible that … Read more

Free Market COVID Closure

The Free Market is a working group affiliated with OPIRG Peterborough. The Free Market provides access to clothing, books and housewares in an effort to subvert capitalism as well as nurture sustainability, waste reduction and environmental awareness. Given the closure of Sadleir House due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Free Market closed their doors on … Read more

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