Said (Sahira Q) Jiddawy

Said (Sahira Q) Jiddawy is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on performance art and digital illustrations. They identify as transfeminine, non-binary, and queer. They are black and emigrated to Canada from Tanzania.

Currently, Said is a freelance graphic designer who has successfully secured contracts with PARN, LGBT Youthline, and Trans Youth Can!, to name a few. They are also an illustrator inspired by BIPOC femmes and the different ways they show love, are loved and exist in relationships.

Artwork by Said Jiddawy

Sahira Q is Said’s performing alter ego. She is the pink punk princess of Peterborough (say that ten times fast). Sahira Q is a drag persona that helps to express how Said feels on most days. She is loud, very black, and very queer. Said uses Sahira as a way to explore themselves and experience different forms of beauty.

Artwork by Said Jiddawy

What influenced you to use art as a form of activism?

I genuinely believe that my existence is resistance. Therefore, any art I make is automatically a form of activism. The world wants to see people like myself silenced and destroyed. I create to remind the world that people like me are not going anywhere.

– Said Jiddawy
Artwork by Said Jiddawy

How do you promote activism through your work?

A lot of my work is with companies that work for queer youth, specifically trans youth. Although my art might not directly promote activism, I encourage it indirectly with the designs and work I do for these companies.

– Said Jiddawy
Artwork by Said Jiddawy

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