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OPIRG & TCRC Research Partnerships

Almost every year, OPIRG engages in numerous research-for-credit projects in which Trent students team up with a Trent faculty member, OPIRG and The Trent Community Research Centre to conduct research projects on a variety of topics. The Centre connects students and faculty with local organizations to create community-based research, and service learning and experiential education opportunities that enhance the social, environmental, cultural, and economic health of our communities.

This year OPIRG’s proposed project is “Reducing Burn Our for Volunteer Board of Directors.” The purpose of the project is to provide recommendations on how to minimize burn out on volunteer board of directors. Burn out means when you feel overwhelmed, drained and are unable to meet demands of a position . While burn out can occur in any workplace or volunteer setting, it seems to occur frequently among board members of organizations that focus on social and environmental justice issues. This project will conduct a literature review to identify best practice in avoiding burn out and conduct local interview of volunteer board members’ experiences.

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