In keeping with OPIRG Peterborough’s mission “to create and sustain student and community-based engagement through research, education and action on social justice and environmental issues,” we strive to have at least one TCRC (Trent Community Research Centre) research project each year.

OPIRG has engaged in numerous research-for-credit projects in which Trent students teamed up with a Trent faculty member, OPIRG, and the TCRC to conduct research projects. Typically, we oversee 3 to 5 students, though in past years we have hosted as many as 18 student researchers!

This year’s project:
#4902 Examining the Effect of the Student Choice Initiative on Trent University Levy Groups

Many groups at Trent are funded through levies, and these groups have been targeted by the Student Choice Initiative legislation proposed by the provincial government. This legislation will make many of their fees categorized as non-essential, meaning that students will be given the opportunity to opt-out of paying them. This will be a time of significant change for many groups and will greatly increase the precarity of groups deemed non-essential. Levy groups are diverse and their mandates cover a wide range of issues that are social, political, environmental and cultural, working both on campus and within the broader Peterborough community.

Our goal with this project is to track the work currently being done on campus by levy groups, to determine how levy groups are preparing for a new fiscal reality of the Student Choice Initiative, to examine the ways that levy groups are both vulnerable and resilient, and to access what may be lost by making their work more precarious. This group of research projects will have case studies of other levy groups (currently: Centre for Women and Trans People, Community Race Relations Committee, Kawartha World Issues Centre, Theatre Trent, Sadleir House, Active Minds, and the Arthur Newspaper), and potentially more.

Research Theme(s):  Environment; Social; Economic, Cultural
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