Past Research

Research reports may be found through searching the The Alternative Libraries @ Trent intiative catalogue.


  • Mason Godden researching OPIRG-Peterborough’s history from 1990 onwards.
  • Teaming up with a course at Trent University’s Women and Gender Studies Department to create media capsules of women activists in Peterborough
  • A survey of the $15 minimum wage campaign at post-secondary institutions


Trent University Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry: An Analysis of the Legal and Policy Implications Related to Investment and Divestment by Julian Tennent-Riddell

Beyond Food Banks by Alexandra Harper, Hillary Atkinson


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Tour : Preliminary Research for Peterborough County, Ontario by Paola Hernández

Supermarket Tour: Delivery and Evaluation by Stacie MacLean


History of a Student Led Organization by Rhiannon Johnson


Laws and Legal Implications of Public Protest (partnership with Council of Canadians, to assist supervising project) by Tracy Withrow

Working in conjunction with the Council of Canadians as well as OPIRG Peterborough, the object of this research project was to determine the laws and legal implications surrounding public protest as well as what information in regards to these laws needs to be clarified. How the laws have changed in the past 20 years and what went wrong in the Toronto 2010 G20 summit were also questions of interest in this research project. The goal of this research was to provide an easily accessible document that would explain the laws and legal implications surrounding protest so that incidents such as the ones that occurred during the Toronto 2010 G20 summit could be avoided in the future through education on this topic.

Promotion Plan for “No Sweat” Policy by Bianca Bell


Free Market Give Away (C.S.L) by Matthew Harwood, Amy Lisk

Alternative Resource Library Support (C.S.L) by Rebecca Anderson, Molly Kenny, Chiara Turcotte, Katelyn Vivian


Ethical Food Sourcing Project by Levi Snook, Yvan Romaniuk

Pilot Study of the Supermarket Tour by Ashley Minion,  Patrick Gilhooly, Kierian Keele


“OPIRG Ethical Food Sourcing Project – A Research Framework” by Steve Disher and Hayley Goodchild

This project was organized to document and research the ethical food sourcing movement at national universities.

“Evaluation of the implementation of Trent University’s “No Sweat’ Policy” by Ashley Davidson and Danielle Hoegy

In 2002, Trent University adopted a ‘No Sweat’ policy to ensure garments manufactured for the University are made under humane working conditions in compliance with standards set by the International Labour Organization.  This report is a summation of a project to build continuity and cohesion in the application of the policy at Trent University.


OPIRG Supermarket Tour by Lisa Arens and Heather Boyd

The goal of this project was to update the 2001 Supermarket Tour originally written by students at McMaster University.

“Public Space and Accessibility in Peterborough” by Amanda Reid and Trisha Pearce

This project reviewed the current literature on accessibility and public space and then focused on Sadleir house as a public building at present and its future accessibility possibilities, as well as other public spaces in the Peterborough community.


“Fair Trade at Trent University” by Kristen Rading


OPIRG’s Volunteer Services: Exploring Issues of Structure, Inclusiveness and Self-Definition.” By Masaya Llavaneras-Blanco and Andres Garcia

The main research question investigated was: Do OPIRG volunteer services meet volunteer’s expectations and needs?


“Trans Project” by Beth O-Reilley

This project worked on trans awareness, and specifically developed a workshop that was given to the community.  One of the main goals of the project included getting organizations to make their offices trans-friendly.  The workshop also spoke to many of the issues that trans people face on a daily basis.

“Challenging Barriers” by Melissa Webster

This project worked to develop a new working group entitled Trent Students with Disabilities and Their Allies.  As part of the research, this project focused on the Trent environment and how to lobby for change, as well as what measures were being explored at the provincial level to increase accessibility.


“The Impact of Ontario Education Policies on Queer Issues in the High School Classroom” by Melissa Hood and Jessica Ludgate

There were two pieces to this project. The first, completed by Jessica, was a mapping of local and provincial educational policies that impact queer youth in Ontario highschools. Some of the research included examining human rights related policies at the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and included an examination of the way certain policies could help or hinder the process of addressing homophobia in highschools.

The second component was to develop a handbook that would act as an educational and resource tool for teachers addressing homophobia in the high school classrooms.  Melissa compiled the book, which included workshops for use in the classroom, definitions, articles, practical steps on queering the classroom and advice on dealing with homophobia in the education system.

“Women’s Health and Immigration Workshops” by Amanda Harrison, Erica Franklin and Karine Rogers

The purpose of this project was to continue OPIRG’s work in the area of women’s health.  This year the participants organized three workshops designed to be a part of the Ontario Health Coalition’s teach-in on the Ontario health care system.  Some of the issues addressed included how race affects some immigrant women’s access to health care and what key health concerns new immigrant women face in Canada.

“Composting at Trent: A Feasibility Assessment” by Marcelina Salazar

In 2002 OPIRG had identified the need for a composting system on Symons Campus to deal with the organic waste generated by the food services.  In the fall of 2002 Marcelina Salazar began researching existing institutional composting systems and discussing composting with stakeholders at Trent University to identify Trent’s needs.  The project analyzed the various composting options and developed a report outlining the best options for Trent.

“Campaigning for a No Sweat Policy at Trent” by Tanya Roberts-Davis and Hala Zabaneh

The goal of this project was to advance the campaign for a No Sweat purchasing policy of apparel at Trent, which was subsequently adopted in 2003.


“Women’s Health and the Welfare State Conference” by Jill Toombs, Stephanie Wright, and Shaindl Diamond

This conference marked the 6th year of this annual event.  The conferences have always provided a valuable space for women from Trent and the community to dialogue about women’s health issues locally and globally.

Let’s Talk about Menstruation Workshops by Ariella Meinhard

The goal of this project was to revitalize OPIRG’s work on women’s health issues and specifically looks at high school menstruation workshops.  The main objectives of the project were the creation of a workshop manual, an annotated guide to resources in the area of women’s health and menstruation, to reestablish relationships with local high school teachers and to organize volunteers to facilitate workshops in area high schools. The “Let’s Talk About Menstruation” workshop manual, annotated bibliography and resource binder are all housed in the OPIRG office.

“Creating Inclusive Curriculum in Comparative Development Studies at Trent University” by Cheri Wright

This project addressed the following question: How can university curriculum and programming in the CDS department at Trent become more inclusive to groups who have traditionally been under-represented in a university environment?  The project involved several pieces: an anti-oppressive analysis of several CDS courses, development of an annotated bibliography of resources that can be used to make the course more inclusive, and the creation of a guide for analyzing courses and university programs for inclusive content which can be used by students, university educators, community members and other PIRGs.

“Organic Café Business Plan” by Jessi Dobyns

This project was initiated by OPIRG’s Food Issues Group and the researcher was a member of that group.  The goal was to develop a business plan and related background materials for the group to establish a café that would serve organic, locally produced food.


“Women’s Health and Environment Conference and Newsletter” by Emmanuelle Reid, Laura Messer and Anne Harrison

The focus of the conference this year was around women taking action to control their health.

“Trent Community Garden Project” by Christina Dance and Anna Sandilands

The goal of this project was to research and plan for a permanent, sustainable community garden on Symons Campus.

“Organic Farm Tours and Newsletters” by Jen McMullen

This project focused on promoting local organic agriculture by bringing consumers to farms and by publishing a newsletter with information about organic agriculture and the social and environmental detriments of chemical-based industrial agriculture.


OPIRG Annual Women, Health and Environment Conference

Youth Exploring Corporatization Conference and Newsletter

Peterborough Tenant’s Guide