Past Research

Over the years OPIRG has engaged in numerous research-for-credit projects in which Trent students teamed up with a Trent faculty member, OPIRG, and the TCRC to conduct research projects. The following is a snapshot research projects completed dating back to the 1990’s.


  • A Waste audit of the Residue Waste Stream of Trent University- William Forsyth (1993)


  • Subversion Zine


  • Trent University Community Gardens Project- Anna Sandilands and Christina Dance (2001)
  • Creating Inclusive Curriculum in Comparative Development Studies at Trent University- Cheri Wright (2002)
  • Curious About Menstruation?- Ariella Meinhard (2001-2002) *created for the OPIRG Resource Library
  • Student-Run Cafeteria- Jessi Dobyns (2003)
  • Farm Tours- Jen McMullen (2002)


  • Composting at Trent: Feasibility Assessment and Literature Review- Marcelina Salazar (2003)
  • Annual OPIRG Women and Health Conferences- Karine Rogers, Erika Franklin, and Amanda Harrison (2003)
  • Trent Students Against Sweatshops Action Kit- Hala Zabaneh (2003)
  • The Impact of Ontario Education Policies on Queer Issues in High School Curriculum- Jessica May Ludgate (2003)
  • Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty Guide for Squatters: Legal, Practical & Historical Information for Anyone Considering Squatting- Sarah Lamble (2002)


  • OPIRG’s Volunteer Services: Exploring Issues of Structure, Inclusiveness and Self-Definition- Andres Garcia and Masaya Llavaneras Blanco (2005)


  • Fair Trade at Trent University- Kristen Rading (2006)
  • Supermarket Tours- Lisa Arens, Heather Boyd, and Sylvia (2005)


  • Are Peterborough’s Public Spaces Accessible? – Amanda Reid and Trisha Pearce (2007)


  • Evaluation of the Implementation of Trent University’s ‘No Sweat’ Policy- Ashley Davidson and Danielle Hoegy (2008)
  • Industrial Supermarket Complex- Juby Lee (2008)
  • Supermarket Tour Guide: Biotechnology & Nanotechnology- Matthew Ferguson and Justin Morrison (2008)
  • OPIRG Ethical Food Sourcing Project- A Research Framework- Steve Disher and Hayley Goodchild (2007)
  • Supermarket Tour Manual- Industrialization of Farming in Canada- Alice Bickle, Jennie Cartwright, and Janal Ingram (2007)
  • Supermarket Tour- Alternatives Section- Elisha Brodeur, Elaine Howarth, and Nick Karavidas (2008)
  • Supermarket Tour- Health Chapter- Juby Lee and Christopher Stygall (2008)
  • The Debate is Over-Climate Change is Real!- Tom Colucci and Nicole McRae (2008)
  • Ethical Purchasing Policies: Activist School- Patrick Clark (2008)
  • Green is not the only colour: Reflections on the state of anti-racist environmentalism in Canada- Beenash Jafri & Karen Okamoto (2008)


  • Ethical Food Sourcing: The University Context- Yvan Romaniuk and Levi Snook (2008)


  • Promotion Plan for a “No-Sweat” Policy- Bianca Bell (2011)


  • History of a Student-Led Organization- Rhiannon Johnson (2012)


  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Tour: Preliminary Research for Peterborough County, Ontario- Paola Hernandez (2013)
  • Delivery and Evaluation of The Supermarket Tour- Stacie MacLean (2013)
  • Trent University Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry: An Analysis of the Legal and Policy Implications Related to Investment and Divestment- Julian Tennent-Riddell (2014)


  • Beyond Food Banks- Alexandra Harper and Hillary Atikinson (2014)


  • Supporting Activism in Peterborough: Building Relationships to Support OPIRG Working Groups- Ashley Bonner and Nomaan Butt (2015)
  • Trent University Divestment from Fossil Fuel Industry: An Analysis of the Legal and Policy Implications Related to Investment and Divestment- Julian Tennent-Riddell (2014)


  • Approaching a $15 Minimum Wage at Trent University- Rachel Flinders (2017)


  • WeTheLevies


  • Examining the Effect of The Student Choice Initiative on Trent University Levy Groups

Year ?

  • Composting at Trent
  • Ethical Food Sourcing- Stevee Disher and Haley Goodchild
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