Supermarket Tour

supermarket tourTwenty eight years ago, OPIRG Peterborough produced an educational manual, The Supermarket Tour, that described a range of food issues including labour practices: labeling; marketing; genetic manipulation; pesticides; and corporate profits, among others. The information presented in The Supermarket Tour manual is arranged in more or less the same order you would move through the store on a tour. Each chapter is a self contained unit, though, to give you the freedom to change the order, do the tour in several sections or leave out sections.

The Supermarket Tour manual provides facilitation and popular education resources for turning the food issues information into a 1-2 hour workshop. Using the supermarket as a classroom, the tour asks questions about the products on supermarkets shelves, providing a focus for discussion on a wide range of food issues.

The Supermarket Tour Manual has been updated several times by different OPIRG’s in reflection of Canada’s ever-changing food systems. In May 2007, OPIRG Peterborough took on the project of updating the manual.

We are pleased to announce that the publication has been finished, printed, and is now available! Get your copy today for only $10 from the OPIRG office or the Seasoned Spoon at Trent.

Endless thanks to everyone who has worked on this project over the last four years!