Amnesty International – Trent University Chapter

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Mission Statement

We are part of a global movement of over one million people from over 150 countries who are determined to stop the abuse of human rights.

We demand freedom for all prisoners of conscience – people imprisoned for their beliefs, origins, colour, gender or language, provided that they have not used or advocated violence.

We demand fair trials within a reasonable time for all political prisoners.

We demand that the death penalty be abolished, and that the torture and ill treatment of all prisoners be stopped.

We demand an end to all political killings and ‘disappearances’.

We call on both governments and armed opposition groups to respect human rights.

Amnesty International is free from outside influence. It is not controlled by any government, religion, or any other organization. It does not take sides in political conflicts. The movement is funded by its members and by donations from the public. AI does not ask for nor does it accept any money from any government.

Whenever human rights violations that fall within AI’s mandate take place, we demand their end – without exception.



Our Objectives

1. Support Amnesty International through fundraising.

2. Create awareness in the public through education about the human rights abuses occurring around the globe.

3. Wage our own letter writing campaign on pressing human rights issues.

In 2007-2008, Trent Amnesty worked with Voices of Burma to organize several events, as well as screened Black Gold, Soldier Child and Uranium.   In addition, the group organized a day-long GuantanamoBay protest and a Write for Rights letter-writing campaign.

In 2006-2007, Trent Amnesty held a Write for Rights campaign for women’s rights in conjunction with KWIC, and also organized an all-day protest to shut down theGuantanamoBay detention centre. The group also screened the film Hotel Rwanda.

Please contact to get involved.

For more information on our current campaigns please check out: or join the Trent Amnesty International Facebook group.