Working Groups

Working groups are essentially collectives -groups of people who voluntarily agree to work together on a common issue towards a common goal while sharing responsibilities and decisions equally.

The Working group model allows for:

– More Impact: The power of a lot of people working together assists in making positive social and environmental changes that may be difficult or unreachable with one person.

– More Ideas, Energy, and Hope: It’s easier to keep working on issues against seemingly insurmountable odds when you’re doing it with others who want things to change too.

– More Issues: Rather than the board of directors or staff deciding what issues and projects should be undertaken, working groups assist us in diversifying our work since social and environmental issues have such a large scope.

Working groups receive from OPIRG:

– Budget: we give about $100/semester in reimbursements as well as free access to our Green Dishes program.

– Outreach: we share your information/events via social media, newsletters, our website, and directly with volunteers.

– Training: We offer anti-oppression, consensus-based decision making, and other training for all Working Groups. We also assist each group in learning how to facilitate meetings, take meeting minutes, etc.

– Meeting Space and Resources: Working Groups may use the OPIRG office as a place to meet and hold meetings/events or we can book rooms on Trent Campus or at Sadleir house.

– Connection and Partnership: We can connect your group to others across the province and are always happy to partner on projects and events.

For more information on how to apply as a working group click HERE.

One of our current working groups is the Trent Queer Collective!

The Trent Queer Collective is Trent University’s and the Peterborough/ Nogojiwanong Community’s Marginalized Gender Sexual Romantic Identities Group. The TQC is about building and strengthening an active queer community at Trent and in the Peterborough area. As such, we are largely involved with organizing and running events for the MGSRI community.

To learn more about them, CLICK HERE