Feminist Book Club

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a support network for people who identify as feminists to learn about and discuss feminism and assist each other to apply helpful feminist ideas gleaned from research and discussion to our own lives.  The purpose of the group would be, ultimately, to better the lives of the people within the book club as well as those within their communities, as applicable, through feminist education, the development of critical thought and the benefits of group support.

Group Description

We meet together regularly (ideally every other week) to learn more about feminism and support each other in overcoming the harmful effects of patriarchy in our own lives.  We focus on the themes of historical feminism, contemporary feminism, intersectionality, rape culture, purity culture, feminist issues in the media and feminist issues in the government.  Discussions will continually have a practical element to them.  The questions, “Should this concept be applied to our lives?” and if so, “How can this concept be applied to our lives?” will be asked regularly.    

We meet several times a semester on Trent University’s campus.  Discussion at those meetings are initiated by selecting one book with feminist themes to focus on per semester and/or by watching Ted Talks and/or by watching feminist films or documentaries and/or by reading feminist articles.  The selection of material will depend on group member’s interests and availability of time to invest in the book club.